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אוקטובר 17 יום רביעי , 2012 3:57 am

anal fissure

Hi, I'm writing in English but please can reply in
Hebrew as well.

I currently in the USA and 3 weeks after my delivery I had bleeding and sharp pain after bm I was diagnosed with anal fissure got treated with nitro 0.4% for 3 weeks twice a day, stooped
had a lot Improvement still wasnt "normal" .
since than I had days when I was almost perfectly fine and day which was worst.
I do eat a high fiber diet go to the restroom every morning my stool is pretty soft and a ot of it mostly. doing sit bats after every bm. I was never suffering from constipation not even after my delivery.
overall I had this problem now for 3 month I assume Its chronic and I have skin tags .which I can see

during those 3 month I was also using nifidifin 0.2% for 1 week and a half twice a day and than started nitro again yesterday night.

the problem is that both this medication are causing me to feel really bad the first nitro was 0.4% and causes my strong headaches I still used it for 3 weeks because its helps.

the second nifidifin 0.2% cause me overall bed feeling and nausea.
and now I started to feel bad again after using nitro 0.2% feeling week dizzy and nausea again.

now beside the first 3 weeks of using the cream when its actully improved the feeling in the anus I feel much better down there when Im not using any cream!!

Is it possible that I might have something else down there that the cream are making worst??(inernalhemorried or I dont know, no extrnal heemoried was seeing by doctor) and also can it be that I might be oversenstive to this creams?? .

the only physical exam the doctors performed are inserting a finger so far, due do the pain, one tried to perform the test when you indert the round plastic, I Forgot the name , managed to go half way due to the pain. d.

first I was diagnosed with anal fissure and after two month the doctor saw one healing fissure and another one (It was a diffrent doctor so I might had them all along I dont know.)

Im aware of the other two options which is botox and the other surgery which Im trying to avoid due to future p regencies.

sometimes lately its itch a lot is it a sign that it is healing?? Can i might have some other problem I should test that casing the fissure? because again I was never constipated.

If Immediatly after using the nitro this time i feelmore pain and for longer hours should I stop it? or is a sign that its working??

also I might be coming to Israel next month and wanted to know if I could come for an appointment.

Is that possible?

What is the cost of the botox at your clinic , Could I still breastfeed if ill do it? what is the estimate recovery time and the side effect? If I was so sensitive to the creams is it possible that Ill be worst
with the botox?
Thank you,

ד"ר רון גרינברג

שלום רב

השאלה ארוכה - אנסה להשיב בקצרה

א. התאור מאוד מתאים לפיסורה ולא נראה לי שיש צורך לחפש בעיה אחרת של טחורים פנימיים או אבחנה נוספת - קרוב לוודאי כי מדובר על פיסורה כרונית שאינה מגיבה לטיפול שמרני.

לגבי בוטוקס - לא מזריקים אותו בהנקה - כך שאם את מניקה זה לא רלוונטי. אין מה לחפש את ההזרקה אם את מגיעה לזמן קצר לארץ. - עושים הזרקה מחכים שלושה שבועות ואים אין החלמה מוסיפים עוד חומר - כך השטיפול יכול להתמשך לחודשיים ולכן אם אין לך את הזמן הזה לא כדאי להתחיל עם זה.

לגבי הפרוצדורה והעלות את מוזמנת להתקשר למירב 052-6075975 היא תתן לך את כל הפרטים.

אני כאן ובוודאי שאם תרצי אוכל לפגוש אותף במיסגרת הביקור שלך בארץ

ד"ר רון גרינברג
רופא בכיר, מומחה לכירורגיה פרוקטולוגית, מעי גס והפרעות ברצפת אגן,
המרכז הרפואי ת"א ע"ש סוראסקי, הקבוצה לכירורגיה מתקדמת.
מרץ 3 יום שלישי , 2015 7:21 pm

Result of blood occult

is it possible that a result of occult blood comes back on the same day brought to the laboratory and returned the same night POSITIVE. since 2007 the results have been negative. also after that day 1.4.204 two more results have been negative!
A regular colonoscopy and a vertual colonosco y came negative, is it possible

פרופ' שמואל אביטל

  If the colonoscopy and gastroscopy are normal it is possible ya false positive result 

פרופ' שמואל אביטל
מנהל מחלקה כירורגית ב' – המרכז הרפואי מאיר

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